110,000 baby-eaters and counting.

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   There is a war in the western world, religions are under attack, people of reason are exasperated by the danger of religious nonsense and immorality. We (atheists) have become very vocal and progress is made every day toward a civilisation free of religious influences.

   Christianity is the main religion in our countries, it is therefore normal that they are our main target. The average christian is not very bright or knowledgeable about his religion and is a bad defender of his faith. Their values are antics; some of them are simply ridiculous and easy to mock. They don’t realise it but their absurdities are often funny but if they mention homosexuality, abortion or women’s equality they become monstrous like their gods and people don’t find it suitable to our modern societies. Christianity has survived Darwin, the enlightenment and the communism but it won’t survive the internet, people can’t be stopped searching for answers, asking advice or exchanging ideas. The best example is reddit atheism with more than 110,000 members and expanding at an unbelievable rate. The web provides the tools which make them realise that jesus and the bible are a fraud and worthless as a guide to morality and life in general.

   We are on the march; we are growing fast in numbers and in influence. Soon christians will be a bunch of freaks on the fringe of our civilisation and I can only emphasise the words "our civilisation".

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