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A 025 MotherTeresa   Agnes Gouxha Bojaxhiu, better known as mother Teresa was considered as a living saint, she was and still is subject of veneration, even idolatry. The beatified nun is said to have brought relief to thousands of poor amongst the poorest. She mainly lived and worked in Calcutta where, strangely enough, she is not always seen as a benefactor and this is where the veneer is breaking up. In the slum of Calcutta the poor people don’t remember receiving any meals, money, or clothes from the missionaries of charity, the order of mother Teresa. They don’t understand why she won a Nobel Prize or the Bharat Ratna because from their point of view she was irrelevant to their life. Unfortunately there is more; a lot more. According to Aroup Chatterjee,(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aroup_Chatterjee) mother Teresa was claiming to gullible listeners that she ran a school for 5000 children from the slum, but no one has ever seen that institution. This would have been one of the biggest schools in India and would have been very much noticed. Then her so called "hospital" are insalubrious and overcrowded, as stipulate by Robin Fox editor of the medical journal Lancet (1994) (http://www.thelancet.com/search/results?searchTerm=robin+fox&fieldName=Authors&journalFromWhichSearchStarted=), the TB patients are not isolated and syringe are reused without sterilisation. Moreover the use of pain killers is prohibited because pain is "participating in the suffering of jesus" whatever that means. Mother Teresa told once to an agonising patient that his suffering was "jesus kissing him". There is many tales of non consensual death bed conversions and this is what these hospitals are all about, they are massive "conversion warehouses" not a place of relief for the vulnerable in our societies. It must be noted that when the famous nun fell ill, she went into a very expensive hospital in California and used pain killers of course.

   One year after the death of the nun (10 September 1998), the German magazine Stern printed an article asking a few questions about the finances of mother Teresa and her order (http://members.multimania.co.uk/bajuu/). Not only was the tiny nun shaking hands with despots and crooks for material reasons, but had no trouble bending the rules herself. Ms Susan Shields (ex sister Virgin, working at the missionaries of charity) witnessed money being accepted for the poor of Ethiopia even if the missionaries of charity were not present in any shape or form in the country. Ex sister Virgin saw a couple of dozen sisters working full time at the logistic of the donations collected at the "holy ghost house" in the New York Bronx. Enormous cheques were common place and ex sister Virgin remembers a single New York account with 50 millions Dollars on it. Donated clothes were sold for 25 rupees in the streets of Calcutta all in the name of mother Teresa. A Polish lady called; Eva Kolodziej worked 5 years for the missionaries of charity and recalled a cellar full of gold and jewellery just laying there. All that money went bulging the bank account of the order without ever reaching the poor. The only money coming out was for the building of conversion missions or convents. The missionaries of charity is one of the richest order and should build orphanages, schools, modern hospitals and housing for the inhabitants of the slums, but the money is not used at all. There are numerous other stories and witnesses but it would make this blog far too long.    

   The catholics will call it a smear campaign, but in this case there is a profusion of hard evidence, witnesses and testimony that denounces the lies of mother Teresa and her congregation. It is time for the catholics and the world in general to "unbrainwash" themselves by opening their eyes to theses evidences. That woman did not deserve a Nobel Prize or any other honours, she was not a saint and the myth that she had created around her is hard to die. Mother Teresa was a sadistic greedy whore working for the Vatican’s bankers, not for her gods or for the poor.


   P.S. For reference: (an excellent read) http://www.meteorbooks.com/introduction.html


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