Give a ham sandwich to the prophet.

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britainislam (2)   In Europe, Muslim’s claim that islam is a religion of peace, but the truth is that it is a violent faith converting by the sword since the battle of Abdr in 624 A.D.

   Europe is building a fair, moral and secular civilisation. We are driving christianity to the edge of the cliff but the threat of islam is looming on the horizon. They’ve been crawling insidiously into every level of our society; they now have influence in every establishment, every panel and every committee. They want us to tolerate and respect their archaic philosophy that they brought with them from countries stricken with poverty, no respect for human rights and a low average I.Q. (Yemen 83, Pakistan 81, Somalia 84, Indonesia 89, Afghanistan 83, Senegal 65, Qatar 78, etc.) They avoid integration by living amongst themselves and sending their children to their schools where total submission to allah is taught but not science or ethics.

   We must not be afraid of them; no one should restrain himself from talking against islam even disrespectfully, or mocking their prophet with his medieval philosophy. Their fatwa should not stop a writer or a cartoonist from expressing their freedom of speech. Burning the coran (even if it is idiotic) and drawing their warlord prophet is not an insult. They walk the streets dressed like 12th century peasants screaming threats; it is out of place in the modern world.

   Their nationality or their culture doesn’t stop their integration, it is their backward religion and we must not let it interfered with the development of a secular and technologically driven European civilisation.


P.S. It is worrying that the U.K. has officially adopted sharia court to rule on cases ranging from divorce and financial disputes to those involving domestic violence.








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