Let them die.

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 Theses last decades organs transplant have become more common, the procedures have improved considerably; we even started to transplant faces. Unfortunately the main problem is the supply of organs and waiting lists are often synonymous of death. Follower of the abrahamic religions believe in the afterlife, they believe that their souls, idiotic concept in itself, go to a place full of bliss with their gods and a lot of dead people. To their own account heaven is a far better place that the natural world and some of theses double digit I.Q. are even looking forward to the meeting with their creator.

   We can therefore assume that a transplant would not be necessary and they would accept their gods plan and die with a smile on their face knowing that they will pass eternity in bliss. But when death comes to knock on their doors they somehow loose trust in their god’s decision to call them to his right side, they want to stay a little bit longer in our sinful world. They would have the heart of an atheist, the kidney of a hindu or the lung of a wicca to prolong their life.

   The people who don’t hold these deluded beliefs and love that marvellous natural life that we are lucky to experienced should have priority over these hypocrites. 

   This statement might seems hard, even to my fellows atheist but you must admit I have a point.


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