The devil's bed.

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abuse scandal

   What would you think if a fan of Gary Glitter had renewed his membership after being convicted of child pornography and obscene acts with minors?

   It is exactly what the members of the catholic church are doing by carrying on being a follower of that criminal organisation. Financial scandals or support for the nazi regime seems mere incidents in comparison of the abuse of thousand of children. Despite the horror and the size of theses abuses, catholics still support an organisation who has institutionalise paedophilia and had cover up the crimes while protecting the criminals. There are even 3 letters written and sign by Joseph Ratzinger himself stating the necessity to protect the reputation of the church with total disregard for the innocent victim. It is immoral, indecent and even criminal to be part of any organisation with that kind of policies and behaviours.

   All the catholics are a small cog in the church engine, they are crucial to the existence of the church, they are the church and therefore, everyone and each of them must accept responsibilities for these rapes and violence. Their individual names are associated with these crimes. It is scary indeed that these people, these very cogs of that paedophiliac machine have children themselves and one may wonder what kind of values they are teaching them. To use their own language "they are in bed with the devil".

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