The disgusting verses.

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coran-in-loo.jpg  It is shocking and disturbing to learn that the holy man of islam (adulated by millions around the world, who can not even be drawn without starting protests and riots), had a deviant taste for young girls. 

  It is written in the koran that after insisting to his friend Abu Bakr, Mohamed would marry his 6 years old daughter Aisha (bukhari 7.62.18). The poor girl was still playing with doll (bukhari 8.73.151), of course she was still a child.

  Nevertheless the marriage was consumed when she was 9 years old and she stayed with “the prophet” until his death 9 years later (bukhari 7.62.88). These verses are used as justification for the many abuses that we are too often witnessing in the Islamic world.

  We should ask muslims (who are so easily offended with trivia and try to trample our freedom of speech) how it is possible than a paedophile became a holy man, you can look at it from any angle a 54 years old man having sex with a 9 year old is a paedophile. This does not inspire respect in me.


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