The fear of truth.

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dyonasus     Truth is very dangerous to some people; truth can transform a life and can shatter principle or the core of a faith. As an atheist, I sometime debate christian, I know that I cannot change their mind but just for the sake of an old fashion argument. The base of my argument is simple and pragmatic.

   Jesus never existed, he did not walk the road of Palestine or Judea, the story is a plagiarism of older religion. It has to be noted that the similarities between horus (3000 BC) and jesus are astonishing. With that historical fact well known and documented, we could assume that Christianity would have dissolve and cease to exist as an establishment and a faith. Of course too much power and money are at stake and they took advantage of ignorance to carry their lies. During my debate I forward the evidence and fact to my opponent and I cannot avoid noticing the surprise on their faces. I m sure that they have got the message, they are not all retarded. They will not ask question or do research, instead they will stutter some pathetic and often funny excuses in total denial. In their delusion christian think to have a relationship with their gods, their faith is a very important to their personality and social live. It is as well their way to make sense of the world around them. They would loose family and friends if they were questioning the existence of their imaginary friend. The price of the truth is very high indeed.

   These debates are often pointless and should be left to Doctors who have the right training to cure deluded people but it is a funny distraction. Instead of arguing we must provide the tools and information for the ones who have doubt, the ones who are ready to trample their principles and their immoral Bronze Age values.

   The world is changing fast due to technology and high speed information, christianity in Europe is loosing grip. They need the naivety of children or the ignorance of the third world for a successful evangelisation. Meanwhile secularism is taking away their privileges and public rituals one by one. Soon Christianity will be an old bad dream, other faith will follow and that is the truth, the beautiful truth.



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