Brain masturbation.

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busted    Theology is the study of god mainly through the bible and other scriptures. It is as well a christian self indulgence, a masturbation of the brain for giving credibility to the absurd and morality to the injustice.

   The new testament has been written many decades after the alleged death of jesus by unknown writers. His mythical storyline is almost identical to other pagan gods, there is no historical mention of him by scholars or historians living in the first century and no archaeological find to back up any event told in the bible. The study of the oldest bible known to man has shown 14800 differences with the modern version. That bible called Sinaiticus Codex is the proof that the modern bible cannot be taken seriously after centuries of bad translations and modifications to suit the need of the time. A 12 years study at the British Museum was necessary to arrive to these conclusions. The bible don’t have any historical, philosophical or moral value to study so one can ask why theologian have title and salaries. We can compare this to scholars in the future studying Marvel Comics to prove the existence of superman.

   Theological studies is an activity coming from a time of ignorance and now is irrelevant of modern life and knowledge but theologians have retained notoriety even if their work is a fraud. The real scholars are the scientist, they are the only ones who are coming with answers and solutions, the ones who deserve salaries and respect. Too much brain power has been wasted in deluded search without anything beneficial for mankind.

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Ika 10/24/2010 14:56

Je ne pas vu toute suite, mais tu est Belge?? Moi aussi. :)

Les enfants de La Pecosa 10/24/2010 18:33

Salut le Belge, je suis de Liege mais je vis en England. Je connais tres bien Zeitgeist mais je nai pas pris la parole de Maxwell pour de l' or et j ai tous verifier. Sa theorie est plus qu'une
theorie, c'est pluto bien accepter mais ce n'est pas repandu. A propos un nouveau Zietgeist en janvier. Je ne crois pas dans le systeme monetaire non plus. mon blog est nouveau un peu de pub
serais le bienvenu. merci et a bientot.